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BGGcon wrap-up

Well my week and a bit as a lone parent is nearly up. As Fraser and his assorted hats and very full suitcases wing their way home, let’s take a quick look back.

The most challenging part was dealing with Otto, who is not the most self-motivated of children and who needs to be nagged to do anything. Case in point: I don’t think she has showered more than once in the last 10 days. Now I am not a “you must shower every day” person (well, I am, but not where my 8 year old is concerned), but that it stretching it a bit far even for me. I did hit unexpected success with a bribe on Sunday, though.

The best bits were the fun stuff like sneaking off to Cold Rock ice cream (Baileys and Honeycomb ice cream with cookie dough and a strawberry Freddo crushed through it = amazing) and taking the girls out to dinner tonight.

The naughtiest bits were letting the cats cruise around the house overnight. Which was not always a success, as Snowflake gets VERY chatty at around 4:30am. One more night, kitten, then Fraser will put you in your place. Which is shut up the back of the house (living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom – it’s not like they are really deprived).

The most unexpected-but-nice thing was having a friend drop in on Friday afternoon. Even though I was clearing stuff up while we chatted, it was good to have someone to talk to (and keep me working!).

The ickiest bits were having to clean out the kitty litter Every Day. Ugh. And having to detangle Otto’s hair after the aforementioned 10 shower-free days. She is not a calm child when her hair is being deknotted. Oh – and changing my nephew’s nappy when I babysat him and my niece on Saturday night.

The most difficult bit was carrying Otto to the car, after that babysitting session. I had to get my brother to help – fortunately she was awake when we got home so I didn’t have to break my back.

The most exhausting part was juggling my work. I am available to work 23 hours per week. Last week, I worked nearly 40. This week, by 9am Tuesday, I had already worked 15 hours. And was feeling like I was already behind.

The funniest part was the Bigster having friends over to film a brief movie for her English project. Otto had a friend round too, and the two little girls sat at the back door and watched the big kids. “It’s like we’re watching a movie be filmed!”

And the scariest part was finding that the handle is almost off the back door.


The doorknob is almost off

Now for most people, this would probably not be a problem. I really don’t think that someone has tried to break in, however suddenly this seems to have happened. But I am an absolute coward when it comes to being home alone (in fairness, this came after being a victim of a rather persistent peeping tom in my teens and a burglary while I was home alone not long after), and the combination of that and waaaaayyyyyyy too much diet coke while working late meant that very little sleep was got on Sunday. Even though I locked the doors, I kept hearing Noises. Not-Cat noises. Ugh.

And the most procrastinatey part was writing a blog post when OMG I HAVE WORK TO FINISH TONIGHT.

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Haunted by the number 2

I am being Haunted by the number 2.

I can say this confidently and with clear evidence, because there have been TWO incidents involving the number two in the last two weeks.

  • First, I had a dream about buying two kittens. This gave rise to much discussion of names for the pair and even led to me finding two kittens that I desperately wanted to adopt (and planned to call Gin and Tonic). Sadly, Fraser exercised the Spousal Veto and the kitties were no more.
  • Then, last night, I dreamed that I found two babies playing in the gutter outside our house. Only, it wasn’t quite our house (of course) and things got a bit weird. But the babies were two.


Meanwhile, I am working on 2 work projects, co-ordinating 2 up-coming events, and I have 2 children. Also 2 nostrils, but that seems fairly normal (bonus points to friends who know the word for this).

And I have to leave in 2 minutes, so I had better dash. xxx


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Skippedidoodah Skippediay

So, there was a skip. At my house. With a few of mum’s things down the bottom, but not many.

Friday night, all we did was padlock it.

Saturday, I workworkworked all morning and finally got to mum and dad’s at 12.30 or so (three cheers for Fraser, who took the girls to the German School Excursion all by himself). Then we went out to buy them some new furniture, as they had had their sofa and armchairs carted away earlier in the week.

Now, dad has a fabulous armchair. It is a recliner, very big and comfy, made by Moran. We paid over $1500 for it as a gift for his 60th birthday, 18 years ago. He loves it, but lately he has trouble getting up from it.

So after we looked at the sofa that mum likes, I asked the salesman whether he had any OMGElectricChairs – and he did, and even though they are a bit ugly, we found one that literally gets dad onto his feet and into a standing position before he has to leave the chair. And it reclines, too.

Result: 2 Electric Recliners (sooner or later mum will find it helpful) and a rather nice bronzey green sofa. (Actually, it looks a bit like ours, but it is not ridiculously pale-coloured).

They are to be delivered on Monday, which I think is foolish. Plan for now is that they will go into the garage initially, as we have to meet the interior designer at 4pm. 

Now I am considering whether we want to take dad’s Moran recliner, especially as I want to get rid of The Stinky Chair (TM).

Anyway. Skip.

Well, meanwhile, we have filled it. Including one carload from mum and dad’s, but the rest was ours. Fraser was a trooper and did most of it, I took about 15 minutes out from work today (when it became clear that the Bigster was well and truly stuck) to go out, direct, and clean out the shed.

I feel efficient 🙂

Even more so, because over the last 3 weeks or so I have been auctioning old books etc on eBay. So far, I have sold $350 of items. Not bad for about 4-5 hours’ work 🙂

There is one more thing that I want to get rid of, though. See, a couple of years ago, our old VCR died. And I went and bought a new VCR. Then I realised that we couldn’t program the TV to see the new VCR because we’d lost the remote control that is the only way to program our TV. So we jerry-rigged the old VCR to work, then we tuned IT in to the new VCR and basically daisychained the two of them together.

I found the TV remote control a month or so ago, when we gutted the sofa. Technically, we could change that setup – but it was going to be too much hassle to bother.

Then, last week, the VCR (the “new” VCR) started eating tapes. So I went out and bought a new one – which is a combo VCR and DVD player – because that was all you could get.

I looked at our entertainment unit and smiled. Not only could we get rid of BOTH VCRs (and associated remote controls), we could get rid of the DVD player and ITS remote control too. Whee! Down to two remote controls (and the one for the speakers – oops), at least until we go crazy and buy a set-top box.

Only it turns out that Fraser won’t let me throw out the DVD player, because it still works. Even though we have a new one, and we can’t watch two DVDs at once.

I should have expected this. After all, it was only a month ago that we finally got rid of the Beta VCR – and it hadn’t worked since before we started dating in 1992.

Oh yeah – and one more thing.

We got a flat!

It’s kinda small, but looks very nice. My friend is going to go and do an inspection asap, just to check it out.

It’s in Wuppertal, which is right next to Düsseldorf. And I found German language classes for children just nearby.

For a non-religious person, I am very superstitious. I firmly believe that something will come up – and it did, with remarkably little fuss.


Back to work now. Procrastination break over.


It’s all in the name

We are now a 4-iPod house.

The main one, Fraser and I bought together, when we first dipped our toes into the world of iPod. It is called iTinkerbell.

Then I got sick of carrying iTink, and bought a little (first generation) Nano to carry. And it is called, simply, iLissa.

So today I picked up an iPod Touch (gift! OMG! *smoochies*) and a very pink Nano, to round us up to four. They are called, quote appropriately, iTouchLissa (blush) and iPinkThereforeiAm

I have NEVER been one to name cars. So it surprises me how much joy I get in finding the very perfectest name for these items.

Also? OMG you can play LEMONADE TYCOON on iTouchLissa. I am sure there are many other wonderful apps, but I am enjoying remembering just how banananas it drove me.


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You know this isn’t going anywhere

I had one of Those conversations with the Bigster.

Fraser tells me that it’s the sort of thing you can’t write about on The Internet (at least, not in any detail).

Suffice it to say … when your 10-year-old child asks what something is for, and the answer is, “birth control”?

My advice is: Lie.

Shame I didn’t think to follow it, isn’t it.

“They’re special greased trick balloons for sticking to the walls withOUT static electricity.”

“It’s a very small yarmulke. Made of plastic.”

“They’re vitamin tablets”

“It’s a Fun Cyborg Attachment, so I set off metal detectors at airports”

“It’s  a special transmitter to open the new door at work.”


Hot, water. With a comma. Not hot water, because that doesn’t bear thinking about today.

I think I have mentioned the heat once or twice.

Yesterday was  the third hottest day on record, in Melbourne.

Last night was the third hottest night on record, in Melbourne.

Come with me on a journey. We are going to travel in time, back to the year 2003. Read the rest of this entry »


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I’m terribly sorry, but I just can’t.

Not today.

It’s just not possible.


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