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To do.

Another long, thinking-it-out list. And a whine. Which is of course entirely my own fault. Read the rest of this entry »


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23rd of July?

Where has the year gone? 23rd of July? Nah – surely it’s still April.

I leave in 10 weeks and 2 days (wow).

Before then, I have work to finish (including a new pro-bono session with a charity). 3 current projects, at least 1 future one (maybe 2).

I have birthdays for my brother, my mother, Biggie, Fraser’s goddaughter, a friend, Fraser, my dad and my sister-in-law.

I have to organise a SCIENCE PARTY for Biggie’s birthday including finding a venue.

I have some babysitting commitments when my sister-in-law goes to Tokyo without my brother & niece.

I have another 2 weeks of school holidays (in September).

I have a (non-work) project that should have been finished 2 weeks ago.

I have to do some revision for French class. Significant revision.

I have to do my tax and pay the government some money.

I have to get my UK passport replaced (guessing this is becoming urgent).

I have to finalise and book some land travel arrangements.

I have to keep Chucking Stuff Out at home.

And there’s that other pesky 10 kilos that I was going to get rid of before travelling, too.

Ah, life. Full of fun.

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Wake up. Get kids dressed. (Latish for a Friday).

Turn on PC and start to BSW.

IM from a friend:

David: We need you!
me: omgwhere
me: grabs emergency first aid kit
David: Uwe posted it, and it is in german!
Indecipherable german
8:16 AM me: yay!
David: I ran it through an online translator it it made even less sense!
me: I love Uwe a little for posting in German on BGG
David: The members of BGG would love you (even more than we already do) if you were to, you know, post a little translation…
8:17 AM me: yeah yeah
getting there
David: I would throw geek gold in there, but you can make all you want
me: was busy flirting with my favourite german man
David: )
Oh, go back to flirting
sorry to interrupt imoprtant stuff
Flirting is good for the soul
8:18 AM Thanks for looking at it for us )
me: can’t do it for a couple of hours but have posted that.
8:19 AM David: Yah! Will subscibe toe the thread so I can see it when you get to it.
me: bitte sehr

Finish BSWing.

Translate required text (but not without first threatening not to). Well, “translate” some parts and ad-lib others.

OMGLATE! Quickly shower and dress in 5 minutes flat

Handbag lost. Gaaah! Search.

Hairdresser. Decide to go dark. OMGNOTSUREABOUTTHAT. Next haircut (due to hairdresser going away) will be the day before I leave for OMGESSEN! OMG! I might need a fringe trim before then though. And I think I will get the lighter bits again.

Hairdresser is very sick so she mixes my colour and cuts – the rest is done by an apprentice. I hope I don’t catch what she has – she hasn’t kept anything down for the last 2 days.

Due for what the lovely JC calls “Female Maintenance” after hair finished. Beauty therapist running late so I have 15 mins to grab a muffin.

Phone rings.

PhoneGuy: Um, it’s South Melbourne Glass. We’re at your place to install your shower screen
Glass guy: We can come back another time
Me (who has not had a working shower since April): OMGNOIWILLBETHEREREALLYSOON!

Reschedule maintenance for 2pm (in 1 hour). Get in car and race home.

Yay glass guys.

Still not sure about hair colour.

Consider tidying up for OMGGAMES tonight.

Blog instead.

Now finished & will go tidy.

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The week at a glance


Another “to do” post to try to get my head around it all.

Recovering after 2 weeks of school holidays and a 4-day interstate trip while actually “on” 3 different projects still. One client quite unhappy – justifiably – I bravely left my laptop at home for the long weekend but they were trying to contact me – meanwhile, my phone was also flat and I took the wrong charger with me.

Today was about getting back to speed with work, spending some time with the organiser working on the dining room (OMG we HAVE a dining room), getting kids to swimming lessons. Also getting the washing machine fixed *yay*.

A woman I know from the creche (childcare) committee has a son in swimming lessons at the same time as Otto now, which is fun – nice to catch up after having spent so much time together over the last few years. Did a late night supermarket run and only bought OMGHEALTHY food. I got home and started craving chocolate but did I have any?? Oh no, I only bought OMGHEALTHY food. I am so dumb.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have meetings with at least 2 of the clients, possibly all 3. Also a meeting at school about a family fun day to be held in August (they want us to run games). (Note to self: Book kids for after-school care). Then term starts again for my French classes – same group, same teacher, hopefully no-one new. I’ve really enjoyed learning with these people and they are all super-keen which helps.

Thursday is free so far but may bring client meetings. I’m working to schedule them all later in the day rather than first thing in the morning – still super incredibly tired from the weekend and about to go to bed at 11:40 (crazy early for me). We’re trying to find a better time for the Bigster’s recorder lesson than late Thursday night, so I may not actually have to go out then (for once).

Friday is a free day – but not sure for how long. I may need to squeeze in a client meeting in the morning before hair (OMG my hair needs recolouring) and “beauty treatment” in the afternoon. I am experimenting with getting my eyelashes tinted.  Then OMGGAMES here in the evening *yay* before a (relatively quiet) weekend kicks off. I’ve put in an ambit claim for some bsw time but it looks like most of my town have other plans so it may be super quiet.

Meanwhile – the really crazy countdown has begun. 11 weeks and 2 days till I leave. In 12 weeks I will be in OMGPARIS!, 13 in OMGBUDAPEST!, 14 in OMGESSEN! – and in 15 weeks I might even be at home again. Wow.


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Looking to the weekend

I’ve been feeling really flat this week – nothing really made me enthusiastic, although a definite highlight was yesterday’s early game morning on BSW (as well as the impromptu one earlier in the week). Today, I found out why – my slightly sore throat has gone to full-on croak, and I’m really not feeling so great at all. Long for sleep, might compromise with a long soak in the bath instead.

Now, by mid afternoon, my voice is picking up, but this morning I couldn’t talk and could only croak a little.

Tonight we are gaming with JC and RJ (yay) – I don’t think anyone else is coming. Will we get past their need for Tichu, I wonder.

Tomorrow is a big gaming day and we should get several hours of games played. Sunday we’ll do something special with the kids.

Meanwhile, I have work and not-work to complete. And I’m hoping to get some bsw time too.

Ah, weekends. The busiest time of the week 🙂

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Today so far

Woke up at stupid o’clock (um, 5.30?) because Fraser was sleeping in the spare room (windy night – tree banging on roof – yes I can sleep through almost anything) and went to get a pillow and knocked something over in the girls’ room and caused an avalanche.

BSW’d till, um, later 😉

Did some (work) work.

Went online shopping for underwear with a (girl)friend. OMG Teh Pretty!

Started sorting laundry.

Organiser came and we attacked the dining room OMG did we attack the dining room. I might even continue with more between now and next time.

Also continued with laundry sorting.

Threw out bags & bags full, also 2 big binliner bags of stuff for charity.

Now? I am compleeeeeeetely knackered. I don’t think that I have a muscle that does not ache. And I am covered in dust.

And yet, only 2900 steps so far today. Must try to walk tonight.

Also? Must do French homework.

Funniest part of the day? Rationalising some of the alcohol – and pouring excess spirits (most of which were 10+ years old) down the sink. I felt like I had Got On the Wagon or something. Ban the Demon Drink!

Except that it kind of made me want to have one. It just smelled soooooooo good.

Even the creme de menthe. :blush:


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Catching up

I have many things to catch up on, and much work to do. Thanks to those people who were concerned when I “disappeared”. I will slowly catch up on my email etc during the week.

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Week ahead

Sorry to post these dull To-do lists. They do help me get my head around my week though.

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Odd sort of productivity, but I like it.

In the last 24 hours, I have

  • Rated and commented on 2 games that I either had not played or had forgotten to rate.
  • Chatted with three … four … several (I think four) friends.
  • Exchanged a flurry of international SMS messages. OK, it was a small flurry, but that is always fun.
  • Kept food down!! Yay, me!!
  • Got Otto back to sleep quickly and painfully.
  • Played a game. Well, most of a game.
  • Named my IUD and discovered the new and exciting world of innuendo that is to be explored when you combine ABBA and this particular kind of birth control, especially when a friend joins in as well. Errm, joins in the game. Of making up slightly smutty comments. That’s all.
  • Given – and received – some much-needed comfort.
  • Spoiled myself by buying 2 new books – one is french grammar exercises and therefore relatively uninteresting to the rest of you; the other is an amazing semi-autobiographical story that is at once tragic, moving and wryly funny. More on this later when I have finished it.
  • Successfully resisted (once) the urge to just say yes when a client wanted more hours out of me than are humanly possible.
  • Cleared some more space in the study (I know I should not be doing this) by replacing the huge old monitor that died last night with a slender and sexy little LCD screen.
  • Contemplated more major house re-organisation (OMG! Ce n’est pas possible !)
  • MAYBE solved my mental problems with French possessive pronouns (OK that was about 30 hours ago).
  • Oh yeah – and done probably 3 days’ work. All billable, I think. *YAY*.

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To-do list – w/s May 19th

Headed into crazy mad times. Meanwhile, have been nauseous since Wednesday and unable to keep anything down since about 4am Friday. Many deadlines. Not quite sure how to deal with over-emotional Biggie and consequently-neglected Otto. Sigh.

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