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I will blog about this elsewhere in good time, but meanwhile I just have to comment …


What sort of a name for a place is that?

“Oh, I am just off to Moist Cheeks for the afternoon”

It sounds – it doesn’t even sound dirty. Just kind of creepy.

I tried replacing Moist with Damp, Sweaty … nope.  Didn’t help.

All the way there – all the way through the town, even – we giggled.


Things I did not want to know

There is an “animal husbandry aide” called Boar Mate. I remember hearing about this from a friend, years ago. You spray it on a sow to – errm – enhance her readiness to receive the boar. As it were.

I went looking because I needed to know the generic term for this type of product. While I think “Animal Aphrodisiac” is good, it might not be quite what is called for. Although it sure beats Animal Husbandry Aide.

Anyway. The thing I did not want to know, and will therefore share with you all: There are people who wear this stuff themselves.