Sometimes I talk or write about games. These are, roughly, in reverse timeline order. Links are provided where available.

On this page:


On March 19, 2015, I spoke with Adam Steer on 105.7 ABC NT Arvos, about the inclusion of Sydney in the new Monopoly Here and Now World Edition.

On March 10, 2015, I spoke with Sonya Feldhoff at 891 ABC Adelaide about the death of Victor Watson, of Waddingtons. The Watson family really drove the success of Waddingtons, and were involved in the fascinating story of smuggling escape tools to prisoners in POW camps during the Second World War.

On January 12, 2015, I spoke with Steve Martin on Summer Mornings on 774 ABC Melbourne about Eurogames – what are they, why are they popular – and what Boardgames Australia does.

On January 7, 2015, I was quoted in an article on boardgames in Voice, a University of Melbourne publication which is published in The Age: The changing way we play.

On November 26, 2014, I spoke with Lisa Pellegrino at ABC Local Radio Darwin about boardgames. We talked about social play and the games we remember from our childhood, as well as whether it’s possible to get rich designing games (Short answer: No.).

In October 2014, I did an interview with The Dice Men Cometh (Episode 45) on Hobart’s Edge Radio 99.3FM, which will be is now available as a podcast. I also speak briefly on Episode 46. The focus of the interviews was PAX Australia.

Early in 2014 (publication date June 3), I spoke with Peter Zaluzny from the Australian Consumers’ Association about PAX Australia and the popularity of Tabletop gaming.

On March 26, 2014, I spoke with Sonja Feldhoff at 891 ABC Adelaide about Hasbro’s crowdsourcing of rules for a new edition of Monopoly. I’m betting the Free Parking rule gets a guernsey.

On March 7, 2014, I spoke with Denis Walter on 3AW – marking an anniversary for the Parker Brothers Monopoly. We talked about The Landlord Game and also about classic games that we love. It will be no surprise that my favourite “classic” game is Cluedo.

An interview I did with Callum Glennen for forms part of this article which went live on 29 Jan 2014 – Back to the Board.

On 25 Jan 2014, I spoke with Peter Jones at ABC Radio Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Peter and his producer had observed that, of all the games their kids were given for Christmas, it was the boardgames that had longevity – they were still being played a month later. One of the things we discussed is that when you give someone a boardgame you aren’t just saying “here’s something, now go away” – you’re actually telling them that you want to spend time with them and that you can play it together.

Boardgames for Christmas! On 25 December 2013, I spoke with Mike Jeffreys on 2UE. We talked about different types of games, why cheating is always wrong, and how although we may play games to get away from the small screen, sometimes the tutorial on a tablet can be a great way to learn the rules to a game. Specifically, we mentioned Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo, Ludo, Trivial Pursuit, Pandemic, Small World, Ticket to Ride and Fauna.

On 30 May 2013, I spoke with Sonya Feldhoff at 891 ABC Adelaide about house rules (and revealed that I am very vague about the current rules to Uno, although we have a great house rule for Snap).

On 10 January 2013, I spoke with Tim Webster and Tracey Spicer on 2UE. They were talking about the proposal to remove one of the “classic” Monopoly tokens and replace it with a new piece. I’m thinking of starting up a campaign to SAVE THE WHEELBARROW as apparently it’s the least-loved piece.

On 2 January 2013, I spoke with Louise Maher on 666 ABC Canberra. We discussed those games you find in the cupboard at beach houses … especially the hidden gems like Plus and Minus.

I spoke with Tracey Spicer on 2UE on December 26, 2012. We discussed family gaming, cheating … and my just having lost to my husband at Chinatown!

In December 2012, I was interviewed by Melbourne’s The Age newspaper (Sydney Morning Herald, etc) for an article about boardgames: A whole new board game. (Sydney Morning Herald December 22, 2012 / The Age December 29, 2012)

I was one of the interviewees on Radio National’s Future Tense program, Cardboard, Paper and Play (June 17, 2012). The show has been aired internationally, eg in Canada (on on December 30, 2012.

I was interviewed for Australia Today magazine: It’s Your Turn (Issue 8, Dec/Jan2011)

Afternoons with Richard Stubbs, (June 3, 2008) – no transcript available.

Afternoons with Richard Stubbs (June 5, 2007).

I was interviewed by my local paper in 2006. A transcript is available. (Moreland Leader September 4, 2006)

Catan in an Australian museum! (Mayfair Games website, 2006)

Conferences and the like

I was a member of the panel Dice or Byte? The Convergence of Tabletop and Digital at PAX Australia 2014.

I was the Boardgames Co-ordinator for PAX AUS, July 19-21 2013 – the first Penny Arcade Expo to be held outside North America. I am the TableTop Manager for PAX Aus in 2014 (includes Boardgames, CCGs, RPGs and Miniatures).

I wrote a paper called Gaming Squared? BrettspielWelt: Game, World or Great Good Place? for a student-led conference at Curtin University as part of the NET504 course in May 2013. It was well-received by gamers, as well as by fellow students.

In January 2010, I convened a workshop on games in education at the Australian Games Expo. (See report.)

I chaired a panel on boardgame publishing at the Australian Games Expo in 2008 (Picture here). Speakers included Mike Hirtle from Hasbro, Zev Shlasinger from Z-Man games and Patent Attorney Peter Gretton. (See report.)


I was the Love-Spreader of the Week on in November 2012.

I was the first ever Geek of the Week on the Boardgamegeek website. (September 2005)


I am a very sporadic member of the writing team at The Opinionated Gamers.

I made a video called Playing with Absent Friends – about the history of playing games by mail, by email, online etc – for my uni course (August 20, 2012). It was my first video, so production values are low, but I rather like the content.

I was a member of the blogging team at Gone Gaming from 2005 to 2007. (See a list of all my posts) – we were one of the very first group boardgaming blogs and, I firmly believe, set the bar. As a team, we moved to the now-defunct Boardgamenews, where I continued to write until around 2009. One of my favourite posts was on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and how it could be applied to boardgames.


I provided the “official” English translations (from German) for a number of games:

  • Agricola (Lookout Games)
  • Le Havre (Lookout Games)
  • At the Gates of Loyang (H@ll Spiele)
  • Einfach Genial Junior (Sophisticated Games)

I have also prepared a number of unofficial English translations.

Game design

I have designer credits on both the Agricola Z-Deck expansion, where I participated in a group design of new cards for Agricola, and on the X-Deck, where I participated in the design and wrote the rules document.


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