Playing with Absent Friends

This page relates to my WEB207 final assessment piece at Curtin University in Open University Study Period 2: a “Reflective Web Media Creation” – that is, “a short piece of web media which reflects on some element of web media that has been addressed during the unit, with at least some focus on the unit themes of digitisation and/or convergence.”

I have created a video called Playing with Absent Friends. You can watch it here or see it on YouTube.

Keep reading to find out about how I have scavenged images from the web, and to see my bibliography for this piece.

Copyright and reuse

Whilst the script and some of the images and film used for my RWMC are original, many of the images are sourced online.

Wherever possible I have sought permission to use images which appear to belong to someone else. I have tried to select images which are in the public domain or which are available for reuse (e.g. under Creative Commons licensing) where appropriate. I justify using others’ images under the “Criticism or Review” exception in the Australian Fair Dealing framework. “Criticism and review may be strongly expressed, and may be expressed humorously, and need not be balanced.” (Australian Copyright Council, 2012). The fake Facebook page and the PacMan “Ghost” image are used under the “Parody and Satire” exception.

Specific images for which I have permission are:

The photo of Derk and Aldie from Boardgamegeek – Copyright Jon and Nataline’s Crazybooth. Used with permission (Thanks Nat! xx)

The photo of the Chess board & pieces is by Boardgamegeek use duchamp (Daniel Danzer). Original image is here:

I had intended to use a clip from the very funny parody film Hitler plays the boardgame Pandemic, by boardgameblogger, who graciously gave me permission to reuse it. Unfortunately it did not make it through to the final cut.

The photo of Alberic O’Kelly de Galway was found here as well as on many other sites. It is used under the Criticism or Review clause.

The coin image showing the Emperor Nicephorous was sourced from Wikipedia – it is owned by Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

The image of Harun al-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad, is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

The image from Google Maps is used for the purposes of Criticism and Review. And a bit of Parody and Satire, too – because I’m not sure that they had the same freeways 1200 years ago. It’s a long way to run a chess game!

The Penny Post document is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

The telegraph chess photo is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

The image of the postcard for correspondence chess is used by permission of its owner Mr Edward Winter of the Chess Notes website

The image of Humphrey Bogart is from the Library and Archives of Canada and is in the public domain.

The image of the Diplomacy box was created by SPARTAN VI (Jon Gray) from No rights are reserved. Source:

The image of the Diplomacy board was created by user Raid1280 (Eric) from Boardgamegeek, who kindly gave permission to use it. Source

The image of the Starweb rules was taken from the Flying Buffalo homepage and is used under the Criticism and Review clause.

The image of the Atari console is in the public domain.

I created screencaps of the following websites where you can play boardgames online:

iOS games shown are:

  • Le Havre (Designer Uwe Rosenberg, Graphics Klemens Franz, original publisher Lookout Games, iOS version Codito Development). Boardgamegeek link / iOS link
  • Halli Galli (Designer Haim Shafir, Graphics Oliver Freudenreich, publisher AMIGO Spiele, iOS version iPhSoft) Boardgamegeek link / iOS link
  • Dominion (Designer Donald X Vaccarino, Graphics Matthias Catrein & others, original publisher Rio Grande Games). Boardgamegeek link
  • Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. (Designer Robert Dougherty, John Fiorillo, JustinG ary, Brian M. Kibler, Artist Eric Sabee, Publisher Arclight) Boardgamegeek link
  • Tigris & Euphrates (Designer Reiner Knizia, Graphics Doris Matthäus, Publisher Hans im Glueck). Boardgamegeek link

Bibliography for this project:


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