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BGGcon Day 3

Despite what the title suggests, I am not actually AT the Boardgamegeek Boardgaming Convention in Dallas. My husband, however, is – so this is now Day 3 of my temporary Gaming Widowhood.

And we are having fun, my girls, the kittens, and me. We had at-home Parma night last night (tonight I’m thinking about doing half-price Margaritas). Bigster’s inviting the boys around after school while mum and Otto go for ice cream. This morning, I gave her $10 instead of a packed lunch (fortunately, her school does have a canteen so it’s not quite as bad a deal as it sounds). Otto’s taught me to cut mangoes the way daddy does, and it’s just vaguely possible that the cats haven’t always been shut down the back of the house overnight. Eclipse likes to sleep in the bathroom anyway, but Snowflake spent the night on my bed and was still asleep when I woke this morning. I’ve finished the dishwasher tablets that Fraser hates (despite temptation to save them for when he gets back) and even have the kids doing some housework. If “housework” means “unloading the dishwasher and setting the table”. Bigster wants to OMGTIDYTHEHOUSE before the boys come over. Feel free, kiddo.

Stalking Fraser is significantly easier now that he has free Internet access at the BGGcon hotel and my iPad to keep him company. If we’d known the WiFi would be free, he could have taken his own instead of reading all my secrets. Meanwhile, Otto has somehow (and I really, REALLY haven’t paid her at all to say this) decided that it is NOT FAIR that daddy gets to go away and I should go next time. I don’t think it’s because I am OMGSOMEAN always, either. (Note: In fact, the only reason that Fraser is there this year and I am not is that I was stupid. I saw the very cheap flights and spent several days persuading him to go again – without it occurring to me, until after I had booked, that I could have gone instead. D’oh!)

Poor Fraser has in fact been sent off with a brief games wishlist (we’ll see whether anything appears) as well as a copy of my BGG wishlist (which is somewhat longer). He’s nervous that he won’t have space for anything in his luggage, but I figure he has two suitcases with him (one empty) so really one of them should just be filled with STUFF FOR ME. We’ll see how that works out. I have, however, succumbed to one tempation: I ordered a Kindle, to be shipped to his hotel. And some LEGO for Christmas. I wanted to get some clothes for Otto, too, but I think that would be that one step too far.

Which is dumb, right – it’s not like they would be dirty, so he could use them to stuff all my game boxes to stop them getting squashed.


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