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I give up!

This tracking-spending thing is dumb.

Today’s spending:

  • Parking $17 (probably refundable from client but the “receipt” button was hidden so I don’t have one)
  • Diet Coke $6
  • Hot Chocky meeting with client $3.50
  • Forgot to have lunch. As in, completely forgot. All I ate before 6pm was a banana before I left for work. And half a bottle of Diet Coke. And the aforementioned hot chocky. $0 but not the good kind.
  • Claratyne to deal with MASSIVE hay fever attack. $30
  • Barley sugars to soothe throat enough to chug Claratyne $4.50
  • Bigster’s German lesson $50
  • Misc groceries $30 but when I look now it is mostly junk food that I didn’t actually eat, just bought. Oops.

Oh yeah.

And the Christmas shopping that I did at 2:30am because I was still working.

Let’s not go there.

Meanwhile, in more exciting activities, I managed to shock MYSELF with something disgusting I said to a friend. Not sure I shocked her, though. Just me.

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Bought less today (I think)


  • little Christmas thingies for the girls and my work’s potential KK ($38)
  • Lunch with colleague ($24)
  • Apps ($7 or so) (oops)

NOT glass for our front window, because the *(*#@#% glazier who Fraser contacted did not show up. Yeesh.

Oh – and I made F get pizza for dinner because I was so tired by the time I got home that I literally could not stand up any more.

I took Bigster to school late today, because the police were coming. In my parent wisdom, I judged it more educational for her to watch them fingerprinting our front door than to go to the first half of her double Art class. I’m comfortable with that decision.

Oh yeah – and the whole fuss for 16 hours or so about NOT TOUCHING THE DEADLOCK? Apparently it’s really really hard to get prints off a deadlock so they didn’t even try. Aarrrgh – we had been going out the back door to avoid having to touch it.


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Yikes – AKA What I bought today

I am starting to wonder whether I need a 5-step program. I seem to buy more stuff every day – although it is all “necessary”.

Take today, for example. I bought:

  • A diet coke. Actually, I bought two, because the second one was only $1 instead of $4.20. And I will drink it tomorrow. Total: $5.20
  • Lunch for me and my mum. She was in town so we caught up for lunch. I had a salad plate and an orange/passionfruit mineral water, she had a panini and a flat white. Total: $24.50
  • German textbooks for the Bigster. Bought online as I couldn’t find local copies (they were cheaper online). Total: $78.90
  • 5 free books for my Kindle. Total: $0. Yay!
  • A $500 “gift card” for the supermarket. As we get a 5% (or so) discount on these, I am trying to use them for grocery shopping. Technically, Fraser bought this, but it was at my instigation.Total: $477.
  • Another $500 gift card for the other supermarket. Being shipped. Total: $478 (who knew that there were so many variants on “5%”?)
  • Bigster’s remaining text books for next year. (Had ordered some online at a discount). This is a bit of a scam. If you want them in February, you have to order by December 16th and they take the money as soon as you pay. Total: $258.25

Total for today: $1321.85

Not included:

  • Morning coffee (boss bought it) – approx. $3.50
  • Tram fare (on smart card) – approx. $6
  • Postage of Secret Santa gifts (Fraser’s) – approx. a lot.
  • Bigster’s lunch (“Dad made me a DISGUSTING sandwich so I bought something.”)
  • Paid cleaner $160 as Fraser forgot to leave money last week.

Then I got home and discovered evidence of an attempted breakin. Fortunately they did not get inside and did not steal anything, although there will be a Glazier’s bill tomorrow. There is something weird happening in our street – our neighbours had a sort-of breakin last night, and Fraser thinks that he heard our gate open around that time. It’s deadlock time!


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